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Bioresin Applications - Insulation

Cambridge Biopolymers' bioresins have been used successfully in the manufacture of mineral wool insulation at factory scale.  These composites are produced from fibre strands such as glass filaments bound together with a thermosetting adhesive.  The strands are randomly aligned, to trap air to make an insulating material.  A range of product formats have been manufactured including rolls for loft and HVAC insulation, slab for cavity wall and pre-formed sections for pipe insulation.



The bioresin system can be catalysed to cure under either acidic or mildly alkaline conditions according to preference. 

In addition to giving a formaldehyde-free product, the use of sustainable Bioresin instead of petrochemical resin enhances the environmental credentials of an important product in the drive to reduce energy consumption in both industrial and domestic situations.

Furthermore, a part-cured or "pre-preg" fibre mat can be made using bioresin. This material can then be stored to be formed and fully cured at a later date.